Conversions to Islam have soared in France after the attacks in Paris

His self-proclaimed scholars and all the more malicious than others are legion, Islam, denigrated, warped, blackened by design, and accused of all evils, has the formidable privilege of being reviled religion par excellence in projectors lights that obscure the wealth of his teachings, and yet its light manages to pierce the thick fog of ignorance and hatred to illuminate the horizon of many hearts in ever increasing numbers to take the step of conversion , especially in France.

This small miracle of faith, swept out of hand by our full doomsayers morgue, which were quick to put the converted for visionaries, uneducated, or jihadist power, still beautifully made after the attacks in Paris, to everyone’s surprise, including imams.

Escaping the passionate treatment of the second religion of France and giving the lie to his great destroyers before the LORD, the French local who uttered the Shahada, in this beginning of year marked by the national tragedy and the revival of institutionalized Islamophobia , impressed by the number and diversity of their profiles. Men and women, doctor, police officer, school principal, or flower girl, that’s a compelling snapshot of the sample of 40 people (they were 22 in 2014) that pushed the door of the Great Mosque of Paris for seal an intimate and informed covenant of Allah.

These citizens affected by divine grace, in spite of all the turmoil that stir our time, have also been on the increase in Strasbourg and Aubervilliers, causing a surge in conversions of about 30%, while Lyon recorded the same when a significant boom 20%.

“God guides whom he will. He knows best as to know those who are guided. “( S28.V56). Like Eloise, 18, ​​who went to the end of his search for meaning and expresses its fresh Islamicness filled by the French who, like her, have recently embraced Islam against all odds, would change the looks too impressionable and disapproving who reject and condemn without further ado.

Breaking the “islamalgames” face to breakers dreams knowingly play on the fears, this yearning is not wishful thinking for what became the Muslim Eloise, which told RTL: “ It gives me more want to go to Islam and show everyone that it’s not that. “

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